Client Services

Lodge Hours

Wequedong Lodge is open to their clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Wequedong Lodge strives to provide a safe environment for all the clients and escorts.

Wequedong Lodge is an alcohol and drug free facility.

Intake Process

Upon arrival clients are requested to check in with Wequedong Lodge reception upon arrival, who will then send you to an intake worker to start the intake process.

Each client will need to provide the signed original Appointment Letter to Wequedong Lodge Receptionist or Intake Worker immediately following completion of an appointment. The appointment letter is required to arrange return travel. Clients will be asked questions to help coordinate travel.

If there are additional appointments, clients must notify a Wequedong Lodge Intake Worker immediately.

Also, notify a Intake Worker for any of the following:

  • Require assistance
  • Wheelchair accessible transportation needed
  • Have had surgery and are therefore unable to travel that day
  • Changes to health
  • Changes to medical appointments
  • Changes to contact information (ie: phone number)
  • Require translation

Notice: All clients and escorts will be asked to review and sign the Wequedong Lodge House Rules form.

Appointment Letter

Completion of the original appointment letter must be signed and/or stamped by the consulting physician in order for the Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) or Medical Services Branch (MSB) clients to receive return travel.

The original appointment letter contains your Travel Authorization Number.

Intake Desk

Phone Number

Intake Desk

Fax Number

Discharge Services

Discharge services are provided for Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and MSB eligible clients/escorts, including clients who go private.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am - 4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am - 5pm


Phone: (807) 625-6039
Fax: (807) 622-5160

Reception / Intake

Phone: (807) 623-1432
Fax: (807) 623-8155


Phone: (807) 622-2222

Travel Cancellations

If you are unable to make your travel (bus or air), please inform Wequedong Lodge Intake and Discharge with the following information:

  • Travel Authorization Number
  • Name
  • Contact Number

Long-Term Client / Activity Worker Program

The Long-Term Client / Activity Worker (LTC/A) works with clients identifying individual client needs and creating care plans to meet those needs within a timely manner. This includes arranging translation services, transportation to medical appointments, assisting clients with acquiring ID’s and documentation needed for housing applications for those who must relocate to Thunder Bay for medical needs.

The LTC/A worker also works closely with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre social workers and assists in arranging for home care nursing as well as assessments for assistive devices as needed.

Social activities are arranged to alleviate loneliness and social isolation that may be experienced by the long-term clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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