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Wequedong Lodge is a non-profit that provides accommodations, meals, translation, transportation and referral services to First Nations (on and off reserve), Metis and Inuit clients accessing medical care in Thunder Bay. (Metis will be afforded a preferred client rate equal to one half of the current overnight charge per client).

Wequedong Lodge has qualified and experienced employees who deliver services on a twenty-four hour basis.

Wequedong Lodge is centrally located and is easily accessible to hospitals, clinics and transportation depots.

Communication and working relationships has been developed between Wequedong Lodge and Northwestern Ontario communities, nursing stations, physicians, health authorities and hospitals. Wequedong Lodge has developed a dependable reputation in providing a safe and secure environment for clients as well as a drug and alcohol free environment.

Wequedong Lodge has also gained an adequate understanding of health care needs of First Nations (on and off reserve), Metis and Inuit clients.

Teepee set up on the Wequedong Lodge grounds


Wequedong Lodge is dedicated to ensuring a safe, comfortable and culturally appropriate environment for its clientele.


The vision of Wequedong Lodge is to operate and maintain a multipurpose, handicap accessible facility, which would offer, in addition to transportation and accommodations, a full range of programs and services (holistic and traditional health, long-term and supportive housing, prenatal and palliative care) to eligible Aboriginal clientele.

Clients look forward to coming here... we have everything all in one building.

History of The Lodge

Wequedong Lodge of Thunder Bay received its charitable, non-profit status in 1984.

The initial location of Wequedong Lodge was at 228 South Archibald Street, commencing operation in January 1986. From 1986 to 2012, Wequedong Lodge operated out of multiple locations, which numbered as many as five sites throughout the City of Thunder Bay.

Wequedong Lodge began its single building hostel operations on March 20, 2012 at 435 Balmoral Street - consists of 51 client rooms with a total of 110 beds.

Lodge Facility


This room allows for on-site meetings to take place, the room is also open for client use. With the use of an interactive television, clients and/or escorts can have video calls with their community.

Training Room

This space allows for training requirements, including First Aid / CPR, Safe Food Handling, Orientation, etc.


Wequedong Lodge has Wi-Fi available throughout the facility.

Board Room Facilities

To find out about the Wequedong Lodge board and it's staff, please visit:

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Wequedong Lodge
435 Balmoral St
Thunder Bay ON, P7C 5N4