Wequedong Lodge Discharge Service

Discharge Service

Telephone: (807) 625-6039
Fax: (807) 622-5160
Email: dc@weqlodge.org

Discharge Services are provided for Department of Indigenous Services Canada (DISC) and MSB eligible clients/ escorts, including clients who go private.

Check in with Reception at the Front Desk

Bring Original signed Appointment Letter to Wequedong Lodge Reception Desk immediately following completion of appointment. The Client will be asked questions to help coordinate travel.

If there are additional appointments notify Wequedong Lodge INTAKE Desk Immediately.

A signed completion of Appointment Letter is required before return travel is arranged.

Client Discharge Responsibilities

Immediately notify Wequedong Lodge Intake at (807) 623-1432 for any of the following:

  • require assistance
  • wheelchair accessible transportation needed
  • have had surgery and are therefore unable to travel that day
  • changes to health
  • changes to medical appointments
  • changes to contact information (Phone number)

Cancellation Responsibility

If you are unable to make your travel (Bus or Air), please inform the Wequedong Lodge Intake (807) 623-1432 and Discharge Department (807) 625-6039 with the following information:

  • Travel Authorization Number
  • Name
  • Contact Number